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sustainable fashion


To understand the philosophy of i-ri Fashion Brand, it is necessary to know the fourth main concepts of the firm. For the designer the following concepts means all: natural fabrics, mediterranean atmosphere and character, unique handmade and casual clothes design.


Nature is our main source of inspiration and means. The nobleness of its materials, the harmony of its movements and the pureness of its colors are present in every single garment.


A drizzle of olive oil on the salad, the sea breeze in the summer evenings, any Manel song, a draft beer in a beach bar, an Iri Fashion white vaporous blouse… Mediterranean is not just the sea, it is a whole lifestyle and character.


Each of the Iri Fashion collections are designed and tailored by hand. So, every piece has its own essence which confers it a special and particular personality, and makes every piece be a unique masterpiece.


Our garments are not made to remain hanging in the closet waiting for a special occasion. The firm believe in 100% comfortable, easy, simple and everyday wearable clothes. Because making feel our customers happy and confident with their clothes is the authentic meaning of the brand.

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